Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Response to an Old Friend From Emory University

I discovered that this good guy I met at Emory had a Tedx talk on YouTube, so I decided to respond to it in the comment section, for ole time's sake. This is what I wrote:

To his credit, Jordan was friendly to me at Emory University, which was unusual for Emory snobs. He even took me with his friends to a sorority house, where frat boys were hooking up with MILFS during parents weekend. Then I was whisked away like in a dream away from Jordan by some of these girls into a backroom, where they all did lines of coke. I was sworn to secrecy, and we all left for a frat party a mile away. 

I met another person there who was unusually friendly to me, for snobs from Emory. I remember him wishing me the best of luck that I would get into medical school. I did not, though he did, probably because my parents could not afford to pay for me to be trained as an EMT at Emory so I could be a free volunteer. Or it could have been because I was the wrong sort of person for that school, in a profundity of noble (in the actual sense of the world) subtleties*.

* I applied with a 35 on the MCAT, hundreds of hours of hospital volunteer experience with Grady, and 3.5 GPA [Emory had yet to interfere with my life enough to lower my grades; although, they did later try to "literally" throw me in jail.]

Also, Ayn Rand was a psychopath. And I definitely understand interpersonal honesty. She makes no sense when this is the world in which we currently live:,_Idaho_labor_strike_of_1892

And this is from some Indo-Aryan's plenty of fish account, but I may as well have used JDate:

"I'm a down to earth girl . I was born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta. I enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping, watching movies, watching/attending baseball and basketball games. I love being outdoors, and sunsets make me happy. Friends and family are the most important to me. I know what I want and I'm hoping to find someone who is exactly that. I'm looking for an educated Gujarati guy who I can enjoy talking to, is family oriented, can make me laugh, and knows how to treat a lady well."

Notice how she knows exactly what she wants. And it's a Brahmin Aryan from her particular tribe (and perhaps gotra)... who additionally is funny and the second part probably means he gives her stuff. I'm sure she voted Democrat.

Which one is the anti-racist party again? Is it the party of inter-clan adivarsity, where we give all the different tribes in the world a fair shot at capitulating WASP hegemony and becoming the new master race? Or is it the party of WASP hegemony, which seems destined to fail after a stealthy invasion of people like that Indian from POF or basically anyone from JDate or La Raza. 

(I remember one of my professors at Emory, Nancy Bliwise, discussing her interactions with La Raza. She was a self-described 1970's feminist and probably a Jew who secretly hated Anglo "Whites," even though we were an underrepresented minority at that institution, and as for lower-middle class individuals, what Marx refers to as the "petit bourgeoisie,"  almost non-existent, ironically much like the mestizo Hispanic population prevalent in this state.)

Everyone accuses Emory of being communist, but I actually am a Communist (or at least a national socialist), and they painted me as a racist villain. Go figure.

Since we graduated, Jordan, you went on to graduate school in comparative literature, and I got put into a secret prison disguised as a mental hospital. (The government mistook my project group at GA Tech, called Heroes Without Masks, for being a terrorist organization. Humans are literally that retarded.) But you know what, you were a pretty decent guy; you didn't seem like you had anything but the best of intentions. So there you go. Enjoy a, literally (in the actual sense of the word), diverse perspective. And please do what you can to instill compassion in the stupid masses, for the love of our jealous, non-existent God.

So, that basically sums up my experiences with academia. Now on to my esteemed career as a pizza delivery man.

Edit: I want to elaborate that 1) I was a Democrat, even secretly at Emory University, though my support system, especially at that time, necessitated that I keep this relatively quiet. 2) Not only have I voted for no candidates but Democratic candidates, I have also invested serious amounts of time both in assisting Democratic strategy and ideation -- 2014 was a disaster -- and significant amounts of what little money I have funding their efforts to defeat Capitalist evil. 3) I believe that, between the two parties, only the Democrats are sincere in their ambition to promote financial and spiritual equality and to raise awareness of important global phenomena, especially including environmental concerns. With that in mind, I would be personally very appalled if, in the extremely unlikely event someone reads and cares about my experiences, that one decided to use my experiences in a way that damages real progress. 

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