Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interesting Trend on Multi-tasking

So, recently I've been hearing some interesting examples of people saying that "multi-tasking" is not optimal. Remember, this multi-tasking is the idea that made huge waves in culture, appearing on countless resumes as a skill and in countless conversations as a tool for optimizing one's time.

Well, from the start, I claimed that multi-tasking made no sense as a technical idea and in fact really served as a Liberal Feminist plot to attack Men. My biological training lead me to this conclusion. Of course this did not make me popular.

Well, now it turns out that I was right (of course), but no one is focusing on the Liberal Feminist plot part. They are just stupified to find out they were wrong the whole time. Gee, wonder how that happened? I find that enraging. So now, with this perceived advantage over my Liberal adversaries, I confidently exclaim that their prejudice has once again been exposed to the world!

Liberal cultists convinced the world that prejudice against males was morally good. Those shits. And now I want them to pay. I urge you not to forget their plot now that the truth has emerged regarding Multi-tasking. May we come to agreement on ever more examples of this hypocrisy.

To the world: cheers! We are one step closer to understanding one another.

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