Sunday, July 21, 2013

Number Trick

Here is a clever number trick. I will attempt to demonstrate that a decimal 9 is entangled somewhat, cognitively, with a binary 1. A high-information power system could get even closer to being entangled with 1. An infinitely high-information power system could describe 1 absolutely, even though any digit could only really consist of an invisible shade of meaning between 0 and 1.

Let me demonstrate this argument: Imaging reading the following number, digit by digit: 13.72. Each digit in your mind corresponds to a packet of information that signifies some value between negative and positive, or zero and one. As you read that number, your mind processes it in terms of shades of meaning between zero and one for each decimal place. Basically, it is a mere simplification to intuition of a binary system, which would convey the meaning discretely. Following this, a user who could manipulate an infinite number system could think in shades of somewhere between complete negative or positive certainty, and this would have meaning even though it would also have no meaning.

Before humans had mathematics, this is exactly what they did all the time! They still do it when their brains decide which action to take next. It follows from the correctness of a Fermi problem that multiple pieces of information that constitute an informative estimation of a problem will together produce an average estimate that grows closer and closer to the answer.

Well, human consciousnesses are pieces of information that attempt to think in shades of infinitely negative or infinitly positive. Hence, our collective consciousness together estimates reality. We estimate an optimistic universe. And science confirms this simple intuition though its description of an accelerating universe with explosive emptiness. Thus, this is how it is, and we are parts of it. This is important self-definitionally. Anything that stagnates cannot exist in an accelerating universe, and so we will not stagnate.

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