Thursday, May 3, 2012

Individualism and Innovation

People who were different created all the greatest innovation in the world. So why are we still bent on checking race boxes when we apply for everything? The idea that there are groups of people who are all the same is anathema for innovation. Why do you need to be a part of a race unless you can't hack it just being human?

Socialism hates everything that is different. Almost all Chinese are Han Chinese. Almost all Japanese are Nippon Japanese. These people think similarly and all get along well together. But they are not as innovative because they reject anything that is not so similar to them. "White" people are all white but are still innovative because you are missing the point. White people are not all white. They are all very different.

I was rejected because I occupied a different mental space. Socialist thinkers gained positions of authority and started to create a world in which differentness is rejected, all the while hypocritically singing the praises of diversity. This was an evil that is directly tied to socialist thinking, and I will not forget my allegiance to the European mind. I am white because I am not white

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