Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Plight of Culture

Let me begin this post with a question:

Who is this person who keeps blogging at me? I am actually a little worried about this person. For example, she complains that her boyfriend wants to blow up a building. Let me begin by saying I do not believe that the story is true. But if it is, my advice is that it is usually a bad idea to blow something up, and it really does not matter how much C4 it takes. Dump your boyfriend and find someone healthier. He's probably not psychotic but just angry. Moving on...

Let me make this argument short. Culture is basically a collection of rules that a particular population of people identify with and follow without thinking about the rules. Generally they either worked in the past environment and do not make sense in the present day, or they are entirely functional but serve an evil interest. Some rules make sense and should be followed, but this is far from being the universal case. Culture is not a part of humanity, and it is often evil.

When people talk about diversity, assuming they are not simply racist, they are talking about celebrating the multiplicity of these collections of rules. The point is that they are all good and that we can benefit from each and every one. I wholeheartedly disagree. Every culture is a danger, and a diversity is even worse as it implies that collections of rules ought to come together for the benefit of all. Instead, culture as a whole ought to be renounced. Do you believe that people are too stupid to accomplish this? Then that is the problem, not a lack of diversity in culture. And just perhaps, if culture did not exist at all, people would be smarter.

It is even possible to speculate that culture has made people stupider over the ages. In fact, religion can be defined as a collection of rules that people follow -- do this thing at this time or believe this thing without evidence or forethought -- and religion itself is primarily an offshoot of the greater concept, culture. Culture ought to be regarded with suspicion and, where possible, outright animosity.

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