Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lazy Poor People

As I was perusing the internet today, I encountered something pretty upsetting. This rich guy was complaining that poor people shouldn't be poor because this is America. I tried to respond, but the site did not allow the long response I wanted to post. So I am posting it here and linking.

"in a country where there is welfare, free h.s., democracy, freedom of speech, medicaid etc. what is the excuse of a poor American?"

As a poor (somewhat) hard-working American with an IQ of 145, I believe you must be very egotistical to think all those things. To begin with, I will assume that by "excuse" you mean "excuse for not being rich like me." Leaving alone the idea that not everyone can be rich like you for the simple fact of limited money supply and your hogging the money, a lot can be said about your ideas. In the statement above, you make three assertions. Let's go through them.

First, you claim that because social welfare exists in America, there ought not to be poor people. Did you know many people on food stamps have full-time jobs? Certainly, you claim, if people can receive government subsidies when they do not have enough money to buy food, this means that they ought to be rich. The problem with this idea is that nothing about turning to the government in order not to starve creates a valuable skill-set that can be used to acquire a high paying job. In fact, it's a pretty clear indicator that skills are hard to learn in the environment when over 10% of the population receives "free" food money.

For instance, to become an accountant requires years of mostly unnecessary training that probably teaches very little about the real job. Standardized tests must be taken and paid for. Copious amounts of money must be fed to licensing, lost opportunity income, and "non-profit" corporate education services.  Couple that with not having any rich friends or professional connections, and these skills can be very hard to learn indeed. And even after all of that, a job is not guaranteed.

Second, you claim that because "democracy" exists in America, no one should be poor. To be honest, I am not even entirely sure what idea you have when you write this statement or whether you have an idea at all. What do you mean by "democracy" and especially how does it help anyone to make money? A later commenter noted that we do not in fact live in a democracy but a constitutional republic. Well, honestly, I could write the same about that idea.

Your idea is that because the power structure in America is less corrupt than in other countries, everyone should be rich. But in fact, the power structures here are not even close to ideal. In fact, one could argue that we live in a semi-fascist state, where corporate interests and government beurocracy have come together to exploit the "masses". Public education is a stellar example. Or how about the fact that it takes 80,000 speeding tickets before somehow indirectly one fatal accident can be avoided on the roads. For an $8/hr worker, a $200 speeding ticket can be an entire paycheck. Think about how judicial review and the supreme court system can be used to change the law in whatever way our elite see fit. Or, of course, the huge bailouts of the banks. Our government certainly is not a democracy, and it really is not a constitutional republic either. If it were a democracy, the masses would have voted the 1%'s money away a long time ago.

Your final assertion is that because this country has "freedom of speech" no one should be poor. Once again, this statement holds very little water. To begin with, we really do not have freedom of speech. We have the veil of the idea, which can sometimes be used by those who have enough money and legal power in order to play culture war games. If you really think you have absolute freedom of speech, I dare you to go into your office place tomorrow and tell your boss that you have been feeling under the weather because you really just hate the Jewish political body for their involvement in the propagation of cults and tribalism in the United States. Emphasize the word "Jew."

To be honest, we have so little freedom of speech, I am a little afraid this post will be censored. This has certainly happened to me before. And even if we did have free speech, would  poor people have more of your money somehow? I do not know. Perhaps this one might actually help. But it is a pipe dream.

"why is it that so many immigrants come here from europe and asia, hold spots in top universities and take in good jobs. these immigrants came from countries who couldnt give them democracy, medicaid etc, thats why they left. if the immigrants can make it without those luxuries, why cant americans with those luxuries?"

First, by Europe and Asia, I will go ahead and assume that you are trying to avoid the Mexicans, who completely demolish your theory. But let's not do that. Why, for instance, can the Mexicans not do the same? My theory is that the Mexicans were not part of the ruling class in whatever nation they came from. Many Asians and Indians (Europeans?) who come to America do so in order to make friends with other exploiters and to reap more of the bounty from human labor. In fact, one could argue that these people come here implicitly because it is more corrupt. They wish to take part in the financial scandals that rape the third world externalities in which these people formally held lower positions of exploitation. Many Brahman Indians and wealthy Chinese people come here for this reason. If these people were poor in their home countries initially, they could not have even afforded to fly in a plane, so much would they have been exploited by the USA and the elites who are coming here.

Should I even get into how the political climate actually enables these people to seize power in America through institutional culture and tribe preferences? No, I'm getting bored. Basically, even through you are rich and I am poor, I am much smarter than you. And you know all that time you spend at work pissing off? I would be fired and maybe end up desperate and looking for food stamps. Why do you think you are so good just because you have an unfair share of the world's production? And by the way, I have to listen happily to every retarded word you say, or I lose my glamorous minimum wage job. What's your excuse?

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