Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Four Kinds of White People

In general, I have noticed four kinds of white people in the United States. I will categorize them as follows:

1) Affiliated with a cult

These white people identify themselves not by their color but by their affiliation itself. They include Jews and anyone else whose primary identity is a cult. A Catholic priest fits into this category, but a layman does not, since he probably does not essentially define himself as a Catholic. Certain professionals also fit into this category, specifically the ones who have ideas like, "I am so much better than mediocre because of what I can do." In that case, the professional deidentifies with whomever is not as rich and cultured as himself.

2) Nationalist

White people who fall under the nationalist category are referred to as "supremicists." They believe they are better, smarter, less violent, and more productive on the sole basis of their racial relatedness. In recent times, these people have gone underground, since the political climate persecutes them enormously. Almost all nations and groups of people who resemble members of the group moreso than they resemble a random individual include this category of individual. In fact, arguably white nationalists have gone into hiding simply because nationalists of other groups have battled with them. Jews are an interesting case where they are both cultists and nationalists. Nation of Islam is another example.

3) White by social identification

Those who are white by social identification think of themselves as being a separate group; however the pure source of this identity is labeling from other groups. These people, living amongst themselves only, would never conclude that they are a race of people. They are basically white by association. The vast majority of white liberals and progressives fall under this category. Having no real group identity of their own, they take the one given to them by the "cult of diversity."

4) Humanist

These people are not white at all, and no amount of labeling is going to change their minds. If you try to tell these people that they are "European" and that they cannot be American because those people are the Amerindians, they will respond that they are in fact American, if only by an accident of birth. Anyone, in fact, can be American if they move to the place called America. These people are the true anti-racists, but since most people come from one of the three aforementioned categories, humanists can be perceived as being the most racist of all. Note, for instance, that Richard Dawkins quotes the Talmud in his book The God Delusion in order to make the point that Judaism is essentially racist. Anti-semite? You decide. Your humble author hails from this category, even though the author might visit category 2 if so many foreign cultists attempt to put him in category 3 in order to devalue him that he begins to feel threatened. And he certainly feels threatened in the present.

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