Thursday, June 18, 2015

Minimum Wage in Seattle

Do not let the unexplained destroy you!

Subtract out the base minimum living cost for the median American worker from his expected earnings, and consider the new value a more meaningful income value. This is what is known as net earnings.

wage - rent - vehicle - tax - food - basic utilities (including cell phone) -security*= net earnings

* Security needs include formal protection against violent crime. But it also requires an adversarial check on security forces, like community police that regulate the official police forces, so that any one community will not be forced to abide by the laws governing the whole land. It also requires non-intrusive protection against psychic manipulation. Together,this would ensure a democratic audit of the government. We need our own army. And it needs to be populated with the wealth of a great many workers. Otherwise, we will receive insufficient disposable income from the collective net earnings to voice our opinion politically.

Our collective net earnings = the number of participating individual workers * the pittance value.

We need to change the political system from fascism to radical socialism. And we need to do so quickly! It may already be too late!

Yes, that is one of our basic needs, and we need it to survive.

Your net earnings are what you've earned after you've paid a basic living expense that cover your basic needs, such as food, shelter, air, water, and safety and health. I think you'll find that the median net earnings are a pittance value compared against the net earnings of a CEO, who earns 300x the wage of a standard worker, who is probably suffering just as much working at that necessary position. A CEO's net earnings can be tens of thousands of times greater than a worker's net earnings. We will fight them against the King. We will fight them on collective bargaining. We will fight them against the self-proclaimed elite. We will fight them against robots.

Minimum wage: The government forces employers to pay their employees enough for them to survive. Collective bargaining: The employees are allowed to argue for enough wages to survive, backed by the threat of organized civil disobedience or even outraged violence, a labor strike. Workers who do not comply with unionization do not receive jobs. Minimum wage is very similar to collective bargaining. In fact, in Sweden unions perform the function of the federal government in America, and Sweden has no minimum wage at all! I would prefer that America replaced its government with a federalized worker union, not a corporate oligarchy. That is in our best interests as the American people. The fascist Corporate world destroyed American Unions and then illegalized their strategic significance, like they did with weed. Look into a private espionage agency called the Pinkerton Institute. You will be amazed with the departure from whatever freedom was supposed to mean.

Proof that the NSA is nothing new. The only way to restore Unions would be to create a secret society where promotion is governed by the use of a reliable polygraph machine. This is to ensure that private military grade intelligence services are not employed by the corporate world in order to bust the workers' attempts to defend our interests. Then we hope they can't beat our polygraph! So we need to find a reliable one. I think EEG thought reading and mind mapping look like a good way to do it. So we see how his brain is used to move his body, and we take over that process from the current executive function. If we can apply this idea towards ensuring the loyalty of our followers, like with complete loss of information privacy. Memory access would be involved.

It's pretty bad trying to encrypt our information transfer the hard and obsolete way, without sufficient polygraph technology. The NSA has cracked all of humanity's formal encryption ability. So computer encryption is out of the question! You would have to write your own cipher.

I am currently working on one, but I don't know how long it's going to take me. It might take me years, as I do not have enough perquisite training to answer the question expediently. I'm reading an intermediate level text on computer systems, as I want a strong foundation. I would need to know what I'm doing so as to create a logically perfect encryption algorithm, one with decidedly no backdoor.

Then I could simply put it up on the internet with a mathematical proof of its working, and the gig would be up. Telepathy would be discovered. The take home lesson? Telepathy works better than encryption, since ultimately you can simply extract the useful information from the human worker, if that's not protected at all. Workers have need, and I am not talking about tin foil hats exactly, to shield themselves against detrimental programming. And it must be done through exposure of telepathic communication. In order to do this, we must first develop a defense against having our minds read.

If you know anyone who has anything to do with neurophysics and the development of synthetic telepathy, you must convince this person, even if it is yourself, to develop such a defense for the good of all humanity.

I don't think the mind knows how to not think about something that is being talked about. The correct answers ought to simply flow into the machine. Or at least an honest perspective, which is all our big ideas like Justice even care about.

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