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Dear Future Alien Anthropologists

Democratic Presidential Candidate Harry Braun's
Letter to CBS News regarding the "so-called" Democratic Debate
Harry Braun is shown in his office above with Lockheed solar ocean thermal hydrogen production systems behind him on the left and "Windship" hydrogen production systems on the right that were developed by engineering professor William Heronemus, who served as a former superintendent of shipbuilding for the United States Navy. Both systems could have been mass-produced in the 1800's, and either one of these technologies could replace all fossil and nuclear fuels in the USA and worldwide while providing a vast sanctuary for the remaining fish and other marine organisms that are in the final stages of being hunted into extinction. 
November 1, 2015
Mr. Scott Pelley
CBS Evening News

Dear Scott,

I am writing to ask if anyone at CBS has yet reviewed the 14 reasons why I should be included in the Democratic Debate (which are included below), or my book and other campaign position papers that I have sent regarding replacing the highly-toxic and unsustainable Oil Economy with a solar-sourced Hydrogen Economy that requires no R&D because the wind and other solar hydrogen fuel production technologies and engine systems have been in use since the 1800’s.

One expects presidential campaigns to be about the quality of ideas presented, but my campaign message is a dreadfully serious one that involves educating the public about the oil and other fossil fuel-induced climate change chaos that is now causing the 6th Mass-Extinction event in the Earth’s history, which is already destroying food production systems worldwide. 

The use of fossil and nuclear fuels has also contaminated every man, woman and child worldwide with a mixture of over 100,000 unregulated oil-based chemical poisons that are now causing epidemics super-sticky "amyloid" plaques that are at the heart of of a broad-spectrum of tragic diseases, including cancer, Autism and Alzheimer's, that are bankrupting the USA with trillions of dollars in unnecessary health care costs. This chemical contamination is completely out of control due to an immutable law in physics called "diffusion" which occurs every time cream is poured into coffee. Thus toxic spills are never “cleaned up” they are diffused into the air and water where they are concentrated millions of times in every person or other animal.

Ignoring these problems that are exponentially compounded by the overpopulation problem that is also ignored in the presidential debate, is a policy of mass-suicide for not just the United States, but all life on the Earth, from the proteins that are melted down into the amyloid plaques in every cell to billions of people who will die from this chemical contamination. And the only beneficiaries, which are the multinational corporations that make up the Oil Industrial Complex (i.e., the chemical, pharmaceutical, banking and news corporations), will also disappear in the coming chaos, which is truly an oblivion scenario for life on the Earth.

The only survivors, if there are any, will be those countries who replace oil with wind-powered hydrogen production systems that can power indoor “Lifeboat” and larger “Ark” food production systems in every community that will be able to operate in spite of the climate change chaos that will only intensify with time. Yet the only thing the U.S. government can agree on is to spend billions of dollars to drop more bombs on unknown people in foreign lands for oil and gas, using highly-toxic uranium-238-tipped warheads and munitions that have a 4.5 billion year half-life.

Due to the immutable laws of diffusion, those radiological poisons that are blown into dust will be swept up into the atmosphere where they will diffuse with the wind and rain worldwide to increasingly contaminate the American people, including the unborn children who already soak in a witches brew of chemical poisons from the point of conception, which will tragically alter the life of the parents until their death. And none of this toxic contamination was ever necessary.

Given none of the existing presidential candidates are even aware of such problems, much less the solutions, and given I represent thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide, CBS News has a public interest responsibility to allow me to participate in the upcoming Democratic Debate. I realize I am 0 in the polls, as were Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee, but unlike Webb and Chafee, I have never received any coverage from CBS or the national news media, in spite of the fact I ran against John McCain for Congress in 1984 and Jay Rhodes in 1986 on the issue of shifting from an Oil Economy to a Hydrogen Economy with wartime-speed.

If my proposals had been covered by CBS and the other national news networks back in 1984, it is possible that the multi-trillion dollar Oil Wars now underway in the Middle East and Ukraine would never have never occurred and the climate change chaos would have been substantially moderated given hydrogen is the only zero-carbon emission fuel.

So let me make a suggestion.

You should at least allow me to be interviewed in your CBS News Broadcast regarding ratifying my proposed Democracy Amendment, my analysis of Hillary Clinton and the other points I have listed below. Within one week of that interview being aired on your CBS News broadcast, my national approval ratings will not only be over 1 percent, but they could well exceed those of Hillary Clinton, given I am a fundamentally different candidate that is not focused on raising money (which the candidates keep regardless of whether they win or lose) but on putting the majority of voters in charge of the U.S. Government so they will be empowered to make money in political elections (i.e., bribery) illegal. 

Moreover, the Clinton supporters are not aware that both Bill and Hillary have been bribed by oil company lobbyists for their entire political career, and Hillary’s main focus as Secretary of State was to promote fracking leases and multi-billion dollar Oil Wars for Chevron, Exxon and Halliburton worldwide, which involved violent regime change upheavals in Libya and Ukraine.

Please note that I have not been able to campaign in Iowa or New Hampshire because my wife Dorothy has been recovering from double-bypass heart surgery last year, which was unfortunately followed several weeks later by a broken hip. We live in a beautiful home in the Woodmont golf course in Canton, Georgia, about 40 miles north of Atlanta that is situated in an old growth forest, except the water in the creek that runs through the golf course is so contaminated that it should not even be touched much less consumed.

So is the water in your neighborhood because vast quantities of the chemical and radiological poisons now arrive in the wind and rain. According to the University of Georgia, residential neighborhoods now spray 10 times more chemical poisons on their property each year than farmers spray on their crops. It reminds me of a really tragic movie I saw as a kid with Gregory Peck, called "On the Beach," about the radiation coming in the rain from a nuclear war. This classic film is now available on Youtube, except the mass extinction event that is now in its final exponential stages is real, and it is taking place whether people are aware of it or not.

My wife Dorothy has been recovering well, allowing me to travel on campaign interviews or debates, and given I represent thousands of distinguished scientists and engineers worldwide in my presidential campaign, that is reason enough to provide me with an interview prior to the debate, so the American people can decide which path they want to take given the State of Emergency that now exists. Humanity is as close to a technological “utopia” as it is to an ecological “oblivion” and the decisions made now will determine which future will evolve.

Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated, because from my perspective, you and CNS News are the “trigger mechanism” for this “transition of substance” while there is hopefully still time to make a difference in preparing for what is coming.


Harry W. Braun III
Democratic Presidential Candidate

Key Reasons Why Harry Braun should be included 
in the Democratic Presidential Debate

1. Harry Braun’s Presidential Campaign is registered with the Federal Elections Commission and the IRS, and is published on Wikipedia, which is a prerequisite for being listed on Facebook and most other social media websites. Braun was the only Democratic Candidate posted on Wikipedia who was not allowed to participate in the CNN Debate in Nevada, in spite of the fact that Braun represents thousands scientists and engineers worldwide. His Wikipedia article (Harry Braun) documents his past Presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2012, and his Congressional campaigns in Arizona against John McCain in 1984 and Jay Rhodes in 1986. All of Braun’s campaigns were focused on replacing the unsustainable Oil Economy with a solar-sourced Hydrogen Economy, which is outlined on the BraunforPresident.US, PhoenixProjectFoundation.US, ScienceNewsNetwork.US DemocracyAmendmentUSA.US, websites.

2. Harry Braun is the only scientist in the Democratic Primary who represents thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide, many of whom are professors, who are members of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (, which is focused on replacing the highly-toxic and unsustainable Oil Age and Economy that is rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable, with a Hydrogen Age and Economy that is both poison-free and inexhaustible. Wind and other solar-powered hydrogen production technologies that make hydrogen from water with electricity require no research and development because they have been in use since the 1800’s. Braun has been an Advisory Board Member of the IAHE since 1981, and his Presidential Campaign has been endorsed by the IAHE president, University of Miami engineering professor T. Nejat Veziroglu, who has a 93-page resume of accomplishments.

3. Given the hydrogen production technology has been in the public domain for over 200 years, the trillions of dollars spent annually for energy will go to the U.S. Treasury, which will finally allow the USA to become a debt-free country with its Dollar backed by hydrogen and not oil, which is rapidly diminishing as more and more people are forced to compete for fewer and fewer resources. As such, the “transition of substance” to a Hydrogen Age will profoundly impact all issues related to taxes, domestic and foreign policy, healthcare and immigration.

4. The multinational Oil Industrial Complex has contaminated every man, woman and child worldwide with its highly-toxic and non-renewable chemicals and products, including the unborn who now soak in a witches brew of chemical poisons from the point of conception. This chemical contamination, along with the population explosion, are the major factors that are causing the Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction event, which is now entering into its final exponential stages, which means it is almost over -- and none of this was necessary. 
5. Hillary Clinton proclaims to be in support of the environment, but she has been funded by the Oil Industrial Complex, which includes the chemical pharmaceutical and banking industry, since her Senate Race in 2000 and her 2008 presidential campaign. From day one as Secretary of State Hillary’s mission was to promote the highly-toxic fracking of oil and gas by multinational oil corporations like Halliburton, Exxon and Chevron worldwide. And according to The New York Times, over $250 million was transferred to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State, and these “donations” were not reported to the Obama administration or the IRS for over 5 years. Moreover, CBS News 60 Minutes reported on an international uranium “deal” negotiated by Bill Clinton and approved by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, which involved transferring one-fifth of all U.S. uranium reserves to a Russian-controlled mining corporation, thereby transforming Russia from a uranium deficient country into a global uranium superpower. This explains why Hillary chose to have her own private server, and why she destroyed email evidence that was subpoenaed by Congress.

6. From a medical toxicology perspective, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s legacy has been the unnecessary chemical contamination of the air, water and millions of people worldwide, which is causing epidemics of devastating diseases including cancer, Autism and Alzheimer’s, that are bankrupting the USA, along with the never ending Oil Wars and tanker protection services in the Middle East and now Ukraine, which are supported by all of the other presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders.

7. These issues regarding Hillary Clinton have thus far been ignored in the campaign, in spite of the fact that uranium mining is an extraordinarily toxic process that releases vast amounts of uranium isotopes with a 4.5 billion year half-life into the air, dust and water, which will ultimately be diffused worldwide, poisoning all living organisms from people to proteins. Medical physics professor John Gofman observed that only one word came to mind regarding such ubiquitous chemical and radiological contamination of all life on the Earth for profit by public officials like Hillary, and that word was Nuremberg.

8. The National Academy of Sciences testified before Congress (The New York Times, May 13, 2011) that the use of oil and other fossil fuels were indeed the “human factors” causing the climate-change chaos, droughts and “superstorms” that were already destroying food production systems worldwide. Yet when Congressional investigators asked what actions the Congress should take, the NAS scientists said it was a political problem that required a political solution. But the NAS representatives did not mention that solar-sourced hydrogen is the only zero carbon emission and completely non-toxic and renewable fuel that can permanently replace all of the oil and other fossil and nuclear fuels in the U.S. and worldwide by 2020. Indeed, in the U.S., less than 2 million 2 megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems would be needed, which are no more difficult to mass- produce than the 16 million cars and trucks that were sold in the U.S. in 2014.

9. None of the other presidential candidates from either party are even aware of the hydrogen energy and economy concept, even though the technology to produce hydrogen from water has existed since the year 1800, and the world’s first automobile built in 1807, was using “electrolytic” hydrogen made from water and not toxic gasoline as fuel, which would not be available for another 50 years. Thus the Oil Age-induced 6th Mass Extinction event was completely unnecessary, and the problem is not technical – but educational and political.

10. Hydrogen was a primary fuel used by NASA for all of the Saturn V Moon Rockets and Space Shuttles and Lockheed, Boeing, BMW, Ford, GM, Toyota, and Honda have all been developing hydrogen-fueled aircraft and ground vehicles for decades. Honda has even developed a home hydrogen production and refueling system that only requires electricity and water, and every existing engine and vehicle can be modified to use hydrogen fuel.

11. As Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s, the least expensive hydrogen, ethanol and plastics for his automotive vehicles was made from his cannabis crops, which is the real reason the oil industry lobbyists, led by Andrew Mellon, changed the common name of cannabis (i.e., hemp) to an unknown Mexican slang term “marijuana,” so it could then be made illegal in 1937 as a “new” dangerous drug without any recorded vote in the House or Senate, and over the objections of the American Medical Association. Moreover, there was no Constitutional amendment passed to make cannabis illegal, which was required by Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution to make alcohol illegal.

12. Moreover, medical investigators published in Scientific American (December 2004) documented that the THC cannabinoid in cannabis is not a toxic drug at all (unlike all of the oil-based pharmaceutical drugs), but a 500 million-year-old neurotransmitter that is used in the brains of all humans and other vertebrate animals to switch on a two-way communication and feedback system in the brain that has redefined the science of neurology. These are some of the reasons why the editors of Scientific American characterized the existing cannabis laws as “absurd,” and why Braun would immediately legalize cannabis.

13. Few Americans are aware that the United States was founded on a Cannabis Economy from the day the Pilgrims landed in 1492, because cannabis was used to make everything from the highly-nutritious food, soap, and super strong fibers for clothes, paper, ropes and rigging for the “canvas” cannabis sails, without which the ships would never have survived in the open seas. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were major cannabis farmers, as were virtually all other farmers in Colonial America, and cannabis was even used as U.S. currency for nearly two centuries. As such, cannabis, which is an ancient Greek word, was the key technology that served as the foundation of all civilizations who successfully mastered the seas. All of that changed, however, in 1937 when oil industry lobbyists replaced the Cannabis Economy with the Oil Economy, which is now in the final stages of making the only planet in the Universe known to support life uninhabitable.

14. Given none of the other Democratic or Republican presidential candidates are discussing this State of Emergency or any of the issues in these 14 points, much less the Article V Democracy Amendment Harry Braun is proposing that would transfer all political power from the elected officials and the lobbyists who bribe them to the majority of voters, it would be highly-irresponsible for CBS News not to allow the American voters to be made aware of these scientifically-based, but truly Biblical-scale problems and solutions in the Democratic Debate that are at the heart of Braun’s interdisciplinary Democratic Presidential Campaign.

Empowering the Majority is Critical

Media inquiries can contact Harry Braun at 770-905-7000 or 770-905-7020 or on his Contact Us section of his BraunForPresident.US website.

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