Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Evolution of My Profile on Plenty of Fish

I love to read! I also love to listen. I like hearing knowledge and wisdom and the little things that people find significant. Obviously I prefer positivity, but I try to be understanding. People who talk about complicated things are more interesting. If you know good stories, I'd love to hear those!

I am interested in spirituality, but I am very irreligious. My worldview is torn by the ambiguity that a supercomputer creates a superstition that links us and everything altogether or that the universe itself is such a reality that is so connected.

I value cooperation over competition, since I think working together makes us happy, but I am a little suspicious. I am not a fan of the hookup culture. If I don't know and trust you, how do I know you aren't a secret agent sent by the devil to harm me? Hmmm?

Security professionals view confidence as being the output of success over time.

I like alternative music, anything that's imaginative and optimistic.

My goal is just to be happy. I don't have much money or power. My Dungeons and Dragons alignment is Chaotic Good. I am somewhere between a monk and a druid. If that just made sense to you, then please let's create a campaign together.

Well, let's end this with a shameless self-plugging. I am looking for work, and if you happen to know someone looking for help, I'd be happy to hear from you. I possess a bachelor of science degree and have a nice professional resume. You never know, right?

Ok, ya'll. I've officially decided that women are not worth it. But I've decided to stay on this site to heckle people, since I've been having fun doing that.

This is funny. I just viewed this clinical therapist's profile where she talks about wanting a sensitive man who can understand her emotional needs, and if you are another dude, I don't need to tell you just how bullsh*tthat is. But she goes so far as to cite this webpage illustrating her point that romance is not dead, and her perfect soulmate might just be on the other end of a Tindr conversation. In the same style, I am going to post scientific evidence that women really care mostly about nothing else but how much money you will spend on them. Like, maybe you can find that one odd coot who will love you for being a good man. But let's take this back to reality, for a second:

"However, a study on status in the book shows otherwise: In a carefully controlled experiment (Gu├ęguen and Lamy 2012), researchers tested the idea of how important status is to women. They placed men in expensive cars and instructed them to approach women and ask for their phone numbers. Then they had the men do the same thing in medium- and low-status cars.

The results? The men were successful 23.3 percent of the time when women saw them in a high-status car, 12.8 percent of the time when they drove a middle-status car, and 7.8 percent of the time when they drove a low-status car. Clearly, women are monitoring our status, and we’re acutely aware of that fact.

So the next time someone asks for “proof” of hypergamy, now you can just give the statistics of the willingness of women to give out their number to the guy in the Maserati.

Read more:

There you go. Scientific proof that most women just want you for your wallet. If you are driving an average vehicle -- something entirely reasonable even if you are filthy rich -- women will assume you have no money. Half the TOTAL number of women who would have paid attention to you suddenly write you off. Half of the remainder will write you off should it happen that you don't consider investing significant amounts of money on your car terribly important.

This is not an isolated incident. You think you won't believe me unless I supply you with the far more credible anecdotal evidence? Well, suck on this:

"Really, ladies? Could you be giving women a worse reputation? This video is ridiculous and shames women everywhere."

Update: I'm not the only one who noticed that study about the cars.

You want to know why romance is dead, ladies? Well, there ya' go.

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