Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Woeful Cost of Having a Vagina

So, today, I stumbled upon this article at where this woman wrote an article detailing the cost of having a vagina, presumably to imply the argument that it's so much harder to be a woman.
Here's a link to the article. Well, I decided that was an incredibly narrow-minded and sexist argument, since the vagina is incredibly valuable, compared to, say, a cock. But we all know that women are terrible at math, so I decided to help them. 

Use this simple formula:
Subjective Value - Upkeep Costs = Genital Worth
Now, I'm not a social scientist or anything. In fact, I hope to deliver pizzas for a living. But I think we can both agree that there might be a sex difference in subjective genital value. Anyway, this is the comment I left on the article. I guarantee it gets censored, so I decided to put it here instead:

Well, to be fair. The average vagina is worth a lot of money as well, probably more than it costs. I'd agree to have one. I mean, I just read this comment written by the friend of a cam whore. Keep in mind that being a cam whore doesn't even involve touching anyone. It's literally what *showing* men your vagina is worth. You can probably make more if you actually decide to have sex. On the flip side, my penis is worth basically nothing to women. Men believe in free love.

I have a friend whose girlfriend now does it. She gets $500/show average and does it M/W/F - so $1500/week. [No comment on the time requirement, which is probably like 5 hours a week.] You do the math, thats a little over $70k a year (I don't have a calculator) something like 74 if I'm not mistaken (my friend who dated her found other girls earning $800-$1000+ per show. Yea it's serious!) [No comment on whether this income is taxed.]
You have to be different though. There are a lot of girls with girls, girls with guys, you want something that a lot of men can fantasize to. If you would like ideas just look up the most popular porn topics. You can PM me or any of the non weirdo guys here and I'm sure they can give you more than enough ideas to get some stuff started.
I would recommend as well that you find a good guy friend (or girl friend) that likes being on camera as well. 2 people doing each other is always hotter than 1 doing themselves.
Good Luck

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