Saturday, April 20, 2013

Certainty and Truth

So, I was sitting at my computer writing some code and talking to myself about unrelated things. And randomly, one of the unrelated things I was saying brought this idea to light. I cannot be sure of what exactly I was thinking, since the better part of my mind was devoted to the code I was dealing with, but somehow, the word "truthfully" substituted in my mind for "certainly."

And that caused me to pause and consider the sentence. I thought, is that the wrong word? How did this mistake occur?

I came to conclude that in fact certainty and truth are interchangable. Truth is a certainty. Furthermore, and this was the real interesting part. Certainty is a truth!

Think about it. Think about any particular idea of which you are completely certain. Is that a true idea? Is it reflected in the language of the external universe? In fact, it certainly is.

And if it is not, if someone is certain of an idea that is not true, then the certainty is an illusion. Conversely, if a true idea is not certain, then its truth is an illusion. If no one (all entities must be included in this argument) can be sure of an idea's certainty, then no one can be sure of an idea's truth. In the case where certainty cannot be achieved, I urge everyone to default to false! The alternative involves creating the illusion of certainty for an idea that may not be true. This, to me, is worse than simply being uncertain.

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