Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have a Dream, and I had a dream.

I just had this really weird dream about becoming a zombie and convincing the government not to kill all the zombies. There were some really interesting ideas in this dream. For instance, I was able to talk to the officer in charge of exterminating the zombies in my area, and I argued that he did not check his targets. If a zombie happened to look like him, he would shoot anyway. He argued he always checked his targets, and he pointed at his soldiers, noting the differences in colors between their uniforms. I had not noticed that before.

I asked him why he shot the zombies, and the answer became clearer and clearer that he shot the zombies because he was afraid of them. I told him I was afraid of him as well and that there was no reason to shoot zombies. Then the carnage stopped, and all the zombies were able to return to their lives before the outbreak, albeit this time as members of the undead.

This dream has disturbed me, however, and I will be taking down all my posts temporarily until I can figure out what it means. That's a strange reason for taking down a lot of blog articles, but they were strange blog articles and a strange dream. If you were following my blogs (and I don't think anyone really was.) But if you were, I apologize for the inconvenience. Figure out who I am, contact me, and I will send you a copy for your records.

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