Friday, April 12, 2013

Eliminating Higher Levels of Inheritance

Imagine that red were the only color in the entire world. Everything you saw were some shade and luminosity of red. Would the world forget the meaning of color? Would then color simply mean, "redness?" I believe this is true.

Now imagine the same situation, but instead of eliminating color, eliminate red, green, and blue. Only color exists. Does red then still have a meaning? No, it does not; but it still exists, and it is still beautiful, more beautiful, arguably, than it would have ever been were it simply reduced to "redness." Color is so much more beautiful than any of its elements.

We should not be colorblind. Black and white become so boring. We should be "colorsblind." What is red to me, besides a feature of something more beautiful that we call color? Red should not even exist because it is ugly except where it is simply a part of color.

Enlightenment means to lose awareness of the mundane and to appreciate fully everything that is greater.

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