Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The origin of "anti-Semitism"

I posted this on wikipedia, but I am pretty sure that it will be deleted:


In order to fully understand the origin of the term, "anti-Semitism," one must become familiar with the origin of its root term, "Semitism." Etymologically speaking, the term Semite extends from a Biblical reading of history in which the eldest son of Noah, Shem, left decendendants who would inhabit the Mediterranean. Though most historians consider Shem, Abraham, and Noah to be mythological, in the story, Noah temporally precedes Abraham. Jews define themselves as the group decending from Abraham, who while living contemporaneously with Noah for a period of about 60 years, enters the story long after Noah's generation.

So, according to the Bible, Shem beget descendents who did not beget Abraham. In fact, in Genesis 10 and 11, the Bible lists all 5 mythological children of Shem and 9 subsequent generations from his children. After 9 generations, Abraham has still not been born.

To understand why Germans would later refer to the Jewish people as, "Semites," one must understand that the Jews themselves gave themselves this definition from their religious texts. The term is one that stems from a mythological figure in Jewish religious works. As a whole, this sort of Biblical racial mythology greatly resembles the raceology of the early 20th century. These two philosophies, which could be defined as tribalism and raceology, complemented each other, and so members from each school of thought were able to use some of the terms from the other.

In reality, the term "anti-Semitism" can be evaluated as being similar to a term like, "anti-Aryanism." The parallel can be brought one step further by considering the origin of the term, "Aryan," which derives from a Sanskrit word meaning "noble." In fact, Hindus, Bengals, and Italians can all be considered "Aryans," even though the term has become exclusively associated with the Nazis.


Some of my other posts might evoke the term, "anti-Semitism," so I want any potential readers to know exactly what they are saying and what history they give life to when they use such a term.

Edit: It took less than 5 minutes for someone to delete this from wikipedia. I called him a racist, but I think he already knows and definitely does not care. Or maybe he's an idiot. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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