Saturday, March 21, 2015

Outrageous Shipping Costs

Want to know how much it actually costs to ship an item to you, versus how much a company is charging? Click on the pictures to zoom in. I actually feel very sad for all the people who are trying to compete with Amazon right now, but it's not good to lose money.

         Price to ship a camera battery charger to Oregon

Price to ship a camera battery to Florida, from the same site.

I also checked Texas and Michigan; they were the same price. So, why do they even make me enter a zip code if it's a fucking flat rate shipping cost? Well, here's why:

Actual price to ship the same camera battery, from Oregon to Florida, or across the entire country.

Let's do a quick calculation. 5.42 - 2.50 = 2.92. So, basically, dCables is trying to charge me 50% the total item cost in order to put it in a box, slap a sticker with my address on it, and put it in the mail. I think not. Time to go to again.

Update: had a prime deal that included a charger kit, which can also be used in the car or in Europe, screen protectors, and a microfiber pad all for less than the charger on God I love-hate Capitalism.

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